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Map of Broken Lands with Great Crater 8 mph, AC 1015

by DJ Hartel

Great Crater and Broken Lands AC 2015 (And Underneath)

Gimp File
Gimp File

This is an improved version of the my previous map; Gimp layers of Darokin to the Shadowlands, 8 MPH I've updated the previous map by breaking out the various components (terrain, rock, river, lava, labels, etc) into layers to try and replicate Thorf's Broken Lands maps with Hex Gimp. I've got layers from the surface down to the shadow lands, but have kept the dimensions to be based around the Lower Lower Brokenlands map (64 hexes east-west, 27 hexes north-south).

I've added in a very brief layer for the Great Cavern in the Shadowlands and guessed what it might look like. I also have a sunlike image for where the Nucleus of the Spheres might be in the Upper and Lower Broken Lands depending upon what is judged to be it's height. I have not added in any depths to the Shadowlands or Great Cavern maps, though that might be able to be derived based upon the rivers flow (if it is normal gravity). I'm also wondering if after the meteor hit if the impact would have not altered the caverns around the western side of the Shadowlands.

This map is derived off of Robin's work here. I've also used Thorf's maps as reference as well: Updated Darokin, Shadowlands.

Thanks to: Robin, Thorf and other folks who have contributed to their maps.