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Map of Brun

by Francesco Defferrari

Map of Brun, 24 miles per hex By Sturm (Work in progress)

Hi the map above it's an update of this one already present on the Vault
The main changes I did are:
- the Heldland coast, now longer as it should be to match canon 72mph maps.
- The Yalu sea, now moved a bit to the west a bit like (but not exactly as) this map by Carilllion.
- The Borean river and valley, now I think more consistent with other fan works as this excellent 8mph map by Robin, and with a clear mouth in the Northern Sea.
- The Isle of Dawn position and shape that for unknown reason was completely off, particularly in the north, in Kal's map that I used as source.
Obviously now I simply attached over it Thorf's 24mph map, even if it has a completely different color palette.
Also the map has still many little things to correct here and there, I'll do when I'll have the time to do it, hopefully...