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Hand-painted map of Brun

by mindszenty

I want to share with you my map of continent of Brun.
It was a very long on-and-off project, but now I consider it (almost) finished, though still a draft version.
I used almost all fanon sources I have come across. Fanon is heavy conflicted on the subject of Borea valley and eastern Yalu sea (even directions of rivers are inconsistent), so I was forced to compromise.
I am not entirely happy with color scheme (a little too dark, green is too cold, and yellow for steppes is misleading) and lettering (I chose to do too much details for the scale, so some labels became unreadable). So maybe lighter paper and larger scale next time

I added quick-and-dirty labels layer to the previous. I tried to edit out handwritten labels, but result was even worse than this overlay.