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Darokin 800 AC

by Geoff Gander

OK..I've re-created the AC 800 map.

Key details:

- The Streel Marches have expanded (Favaro is a city-state), and bits of Rondeth have been gobbled up by Almarand, Daelbar, and Amsorak (sorry - mislabelled to read Akesoli in my hasty typing).

- Eraeda has been partitioned between Almarand and Darokin - they'll fight over it again in a few years.

- Desolation of Nethlinn expands the unclaimed lands in the west.

- Ardelphia and Corunglain's northern borders are more extensive in some areas than Darokin's are today, in some cases going right up to the mountains in the Broken Lands.

- Amsorak occupies some of what is now Sindhi and Atruaghin territory, reflecting past military strength. It may even have dominated Chandbali at some point.