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Map of the Eastern Half of the Broken Lands

by Robin

This is the map of the Eastern half of the Broken Lands.
Both of the Western half of the map will follow (Before and after Meteor impact)...this half works for both periods as there were not large changes here.
Follow the topic with details of the map here
Some minor tweaking may be added, but these will be mentioned here.
Use the Download option Right (green arrow) for best results

Map of the Western Half of the Broken Lands, before the meteor, 1 mile per hex.
This map is finished, If you find a flaw please inform me and it might get updated. thanx.

Map of the Western Half of the Broken Lands, after the meteor, 1 mile per hex.

Updated the map; December 2018; readjusted flawed altitudes as per discovered by making the Ethengar SW Map
Updated the map; 04-05-2019; implementing the adventure Dungeon Magazine 20 - Pride of the Sky into it. It is located as the adventure explains in Red Orcland
This map is 99% finished, some details will be inserted, but thus far it is usable, thus may be updated later. If you find a flaw, or have additional information you think I need, please inform me