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Map of the Eastern Savage Coast and Greater Hule

by Matthew Fleet

My map of the Eastern part of the Savage Coast is now complete, and can be viewed here.

A few notes:

1) I've used Christian Constantin's "Greater Hule" material which can be viewed on the Vaults of Pandius, so Hule is larger than what is shown on the map in X5 (The Temple of Death);

2) I've used Bruce Heard's "Voyage of the Princess Ark" maps for this region instead of the Champions of Mystara map where there is any conflict;

3) The "Dry Flats" shown on the far Western part of the map is from the adventure "Tortles of the Purple Sage", which can be found in Dungeon Magazine issues 6 and 7;

4) I have included various geographical features from the maps issued with the "Savage Coast" AD&D boxed sets, although canon material from Mystara products will normally take precedent;

5) There is a significant issue with "The Great Escarpment", as what was shown in the Savage Coast boxed sets does not tie up with the map in X5. If we use X5 as our primary source, then the escarpment looks like this.

In my first map linked to in this post, I have joined up "The Great Escarpment", as it is actually shown as two separate escarpments in the AD&D source material, with the one on the right being given the name of "The Great Escarpment". This splitting up was only done in the AD&D Savage Coast boxed sets, and not in the "Princess Ark" series, and in my view, was a mistake. This is because the name no longer makes sense (i.e. "The Great Escarpment" is now two escarpments, neither of which are particularly large). I have therefore rejoined the two separate parts, in line with the intent of X5 to have one long escarpment fitting of its name. I would also be grateful for other people's views on this matter, as I'm interested in what other people may consider the best approach to be.

I'm now currently working on joining this map with the map of the Western half of the Savage Coast, which I completed previously.

In my view, having all of the Savage Coast on one map at 24 miles a hex should be a useful resource.