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Court of Golden Khan at Chagon-Nah Readjusted

by Robin

Ok again to the weird Chagon Nah detail map on the back of the Ethengar Hex map.
The large Scale hex map reveals as explained earlier a vast lake, and the description in the Gazetteer explains (see above) spring large lakes form here, and as spring gives way to summer, the lakes begin to dry up, leaving many small lands surrounded by small lakes and ponds.
Here I placed both maps into each other on the same scale....yes you have to look in enlarge view as the tiny court map almost dissapears in the enlarged 8 mile hex map.
To enable the Krandai AND the Hrap flowing through this tienymieny section of the map while the large lake absorbes the Hrap on the 8 mile hex map much earlier is foolish to continue to keep, especially as it plows through higher grassland on the courtmap.
Secondly the description in the Gazetteer 12 (Golden Khan of Ethengar) says "small islands surrounded by small lakes and ponds are formed in the summer". This means the spring water dries up, leaving behind ponds and lakes which are connected to eacxhother creating small islands.

To make the court map as fitting as possible cannically it is best to assume within these lakes are the small islands used in the Court map and an arm of the Kranday River flows through the large lake where the islands are displayed as being the courtmap. As such the Hrap can be fully disregarded being only a small wet area between the Southwest Island and the Southeast island. And the corner of the Krandai entering the map can best be seen as wetlands (where the earthen pass is now a board on poles path similar to the bridges), and the northern section of the map is then the main Lake. I did this in my 1 mile Hex map of the region.

It is also weird the designers of the 8 mile hex map named the two smaller lakes and not the main lake...ok it might be assumed the Chagon-Nah description is not only the name of the Depression in which the lakes happen to bee, and the head of the summer location of the Court of the Goldfen Khan, but also as the name of the Main Lake, yet this feels weird, as too much locations are named such I deem it best the Laker is called Chagon-Nuur (which is Mongolian(as such best Ethengar) for Lake.
Within this lake several more arms of the Krandai River will pass through as can be seen in my 1 mile hex map too