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The Mystaran Exodus

by Sean Meaney

1. An Imperial Command

" where was I? Ah yes: My Dear King Stephan Karameikos, It is with deep sorrow at..." The Emperor fell from the chair in a twitching fit.
"Summon the Cleric!" The scribe leapt forward to help the Emperor of Thyatis as he twitched and foamed on the floor.
He stopped.
"THE END OF MYSTARA IS NIGH! YOU MUST TAKE THE EMPIRE FROM THIS CRYSTAL SPHERE. THE ALPHATIANS WILL AIDE YOU IN THIS TASK!" The Emperor passed out. The Scribe fell back from him as the other guards arrived with a Cleric.

DM Briefing: The Emperor of Thyatis spouts Prophecy during a fit. The Mystaran Exodus is coming.

2. The Isle of Dread Vanishes

The Tenobar Wake sat in open water.
"Are you certain our course was correct?" Captain Thero looked about.
"Yes my captain. We made the turn the evening last at the island of those cannibals." Navigator Harn shook his head.
"That put us within sight of the mistwall. But the mistwall and the Island are gone."

The Island was gone. Immortals. It had to be Immortals.

"Get us back to the island of the Cannibals. We are going to need the fresh water."

DM Briefing: Ships travelling the Thanegioth Archipelago discover the entire isle of Dread is missing.

3.Asteroid impact in the Sea of Dread

The Flying Merchantman Mirros Rose moved above the surface of the Sea of Dread.
The Terrible flash in very heart of the Sea of Dread caught the sight of the watch.
"By the Immortals, What was that?" In the distance the deep red glow vanished behind a rising wall of water.
"Oh, Halav!" Devin Hyraksos stared at the wave. It travelled quickly out across the horizon.
"What is it?" Captain Gregor Stephanov looked up at the Sailor.
"Wave on the Horizon, Captain. Closing fast." The Captain scaled the rope ladder and turned to look where the sailor was pointing.
A Tidal wave was racing toward them at a terrible rate.
"Halav's Mother! Helm, get us up two thousand feet. Now!"
The Ship surged upward just catching the wave. The wave struck the hull and tipped the ship.

DM Briefing: An asteroid clips the Mystaran Moon of Luna sending large rocks at the planet Mystara. The Asteroid itself impacts in the Sea of Dread sending a wave of destruction through coastal and island communities facing the Sea of Dread.