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Ethengar 1200 AC

by Robin

This map is a (very rough) version of Ethengar in the year 1200AC,
The Current Kahn had to accept the Streel no longer flowing through the Broken Lands and recreating the Anur Lake of centuries gone by. He saw the increase in fertlity of the land, forests growing around Anur Lake. As the Streel was rerouted hundreds of years ago, it was a reasonable simple matter to dig a new channel towards the Sea of Flowers, break the dam and let the Streel also fill the Depression of the Sea of Flowers. This increase in water would certainly bring more fertility, and hence growth and wealth to the Khanates. Some clanborders have shifted due this.
I did not enter the growth of trees around the sea of flowers yet...will do in the nearby I expect some more changes will have happened in the 200 years from 1000AC