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Great Waste, 24 miles per hex

by Thorfinn Tait


Replica of Great Waste map from X4, 24 miles per hex by Thorf, August 2008


Replica of Wild Lands map from X6, 24 miles per hex by Thorf, February 2006

Replica of Sind map from Dragon 169, 24 miles per hex by Thorf, 27 January 2016

The first view of Sind, from the Voyage of the Princess Ark, Dragon 169.  This map became the model for the join between the Known World and the Great Waste, and influenced the Great Waste map in Champions of Mystara a few years later.

Replica of Great Waste map from Champions of Mystara, 24 miles per hex by Thorf: replica 27 January 2016, original colours August 2008

Champions of Mystara's Great Waste poster map finally presented an official linked up view of the area, incorporating and expanding upon X4's Great Waste map, X5's Hule map, and Dragon 169's Sind map.  The position of Sind is a hex out from where X4 suggested it would be, which in turn throws other sections of the map out of sync. However, this map is far more detailed than X4's rather bare map, and of course it exists as a beautiful poster map.


Updated map of the Great Waste, 24 miles per hex by Thorf, June 2005 (Out of Date)


Sources: X4 Master of the Desert Nomads (1983), X5 Temple of Death (1983), X6 Quagmire! (1984), Dragon 169, Champions of Mystara (1993).

Notes on Updated map (Champions of Mystara)

To Do List

  1. Update X4 replica map and create original colours variant.
  2. Update X6 replica map, change hex art to old style, and create original colours variant.
  3. Make an original colours variant of the Dragon 169 map. (Currently not possible due to lack of high quality scan.)
  4. Make Updated First Era map by combining X4 and X6 maps and incorporating details from the pre-Gazetteer era.
  5. Check Champions of Mystara, X4, X5, X6 and other relevant sources for geographic details and write notes on the updated map.
  6. Revise updated map to conform better with Savage Coast maps from Dragon and Red Steel.

About Replica Maps

Unlike Updated mapsReplica maps are exact (or sometimes colourised) replicas of primary source maps.  These source maps form the main source material of the Atlas of Mystara, from which all of the updated maps are made.  Put simply:


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