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Haven, 8 miles per hex

by Thorfinn Tait
As all Alphatians know, not only is Haven a place where beauty and color are worshiped, it also shines as the center of world fashion.  The latter stands as a towering achievement.  Forget the 3,600-square-mile mosaic face of the Immortal Alphatia imbedded among some of the region’s best farmland, or the three-hundred-mile rainbow arching over Haven’s heartland.  The most memorable artifact of all spirals 10,000 feet upward to bring closer to the immortal heavens the Great Temple of Fashion.

from Bruce Heard’s The Alphatian Province of Haven


Updated map of the Alphatian Kingdom of Haven, 8 miles per hex (updated 11th January 2016)



As with all his Alphatia 8 mile per hex maps, Bruce Heard added a great deal of detail and character to the region when converting from 24 miles per hex.  The Atlas considers Bruce’s map to be the definitive source for Theranderol.

Bruce’s original was made using Hexographer, and consequently makes use of terrain and settlement icons that did not exist in back in the days of TSR.  One such change was the splitting of swamp and marsh into different symbols.  After discussion with Bruce, we decided not to implement extra Hexographer symbols unless it was deemed necessary.  As a result, the Atlas version of Haven has just one symbol for swamp and marsh.  I did, however, develop a new symbol to differentiate the two, and I’m open to implementing them if there is demand.

There is in fact a case for separating swamp and marsh.  Look at this image from Wikipedia’s marsh article:

However, implementing the two symbols would naturally entail revising all other 8 mile per hex and larger scale maps to split swamp/marshes into swamps and marshes.

Mud flats appeared in underground maps, but never in above-ground maps until Bruce’s Alphatia maps.

Dawn of the Emperors DM’s Book page 45: “The Queen’s Castle is some 50 miles north of Aasla itself…“  After checking with Bruce, I have added it to the map.  Thanks to Hausman Santos for pointing this out.


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