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Hollow World: World Map, non-hex

by Thorfinn Tait


Updated world map of the Hollow World, Unprojected, blank, non-hex by Thorf, March 2009


There was only one world map for the Hollow World, presented in 1990 in the Hollow World Campaign Set and reprinted in the Rules Cyclopedia the next year. The map was done in a Robinson projection style, but it was hand-drawn so the it is not perfectly accurate or symmetrical.

Using a program called Manifold, it has been possible to unwarp the map, producing an "unprojected" version: the usual 2:1 ratio image with latitude and longitude mapped onto a square grid, which is used in 3D programs as the net for a sphere. It is also possible to reproject it into any of a number of different projections, although the nature of the Hollow World makes some seem more useful than others.

Sources: Hollow World Campaign Set (1990).

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