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Iciria, 40 miles per hex

by Thorfinn Tait


Replica of Northern Iciria from the Hollow World Set, 40 miles per hex by Thorf, replica map 20 February 2016; original colours map March 2012

This map holds a special place for me, as it was the first I ever started, way back in my first attempts at mapping in 1999.

The Hollow World Set‘s twin maps of Iciria presented an amazing overview of the setting with a surprising amount of detail.  Compared with the Known World, the Hollow World’s maps were amazingly regular and consistent, due to the far more structured birth this subsetting had, of course.

The scale is unique to this map and its sister map.  Far more detailed than 72 miles per hex and yet more compact than 24 miles per hex, the 40 mile per hex scale suited the sprawling empires of this land of lost civilisations.


Replica of Southern Iciria from the Hollow World Set, 40 miles per hex by Thorf, replica map 20 February 2016

The sister map to Northern Iciria from the same set.  The maps join up rather well, other than some alignment errors in the Traldar Kingdoms/Merry Pirates area.

Replica of Alphatian Neatharum from Wrath of the Immortals, 1004 AC, 40 miles per hex by Thorf, May 2005

Updated map of Iciria, 40 miles per hex by Thorf, July 2005

Updated map of Northern Iciria, 1004 AC, 40 miles per hex by Thorf, May 2005

The hex maps, at the non-standard but not too problematic scale of 40 miles per hex, correspond nicely - though not exactly - with the world map of the Hollow World. It should be possible to expand the hex maps using the world map, although the curvature of the world remains an issue, and a worry.

Sources: Hollow World Campaign Set (1990), HWR1 Sons of Azca (1991), HWR2 Kingdom of Nithia (1991), HWR3 The Milenian Empire (1992), Wrath of the Immortals (1992), The Poor Wizard's Almanac (1992).

Notes on Hollow World Campaign Set

  1. Northern and Southern Iciria - fitting the two original maps together proved problematic, due to differences in the region of the Merry Pirate Seas and the Traldar Kingdoms. The whole region is quite different on each map. The coastline is different, and even the positioning of some towns is different. The merge was made with reference to the relevant maps in The Poor Wizard's Almanac, and the result is somewhat of a compromise between the two maps, although it seems the southern map was always more accurate.
  2. Rivers - there are problems with two rivers on the Northern and Southern Iciria Hollow World maps. In both cases, it seems quite clear which version is more correct, and the Atlas has marked them accordingly.

To Do List

  1. Finish updating hex art and palettes to latest version.
  2. Change the font on the replica maps and put the captions in the precise sizes and positions of the original maps.
  3. Create original colours versions of the replica maps.
  4. Expand map to cover the whole of Iciria, including extremities - and if possible the whole Hollow World.
  5. Check against HWR series 8 mile per hex maps and adjust as necessary. (The HWR series maps were generally very faithful to the original Iciria maps in the Hollow World Campaign Set, but there may still be some adjustments to be made.)


  1. Thorf's Secret Project: Stage One - the original Atlas of Mystara thread at the Wizards MMB. Post 121 contains the Northern Iciria map. Post 353 contains the Southern Iciria replica map. Post 354 presents the updated full Iciria map. Post 378 gives the Alphatian Neatharum replica map, as well as the Northern Iciria 1004 AC updated map.

About Replica Maps

Unlike Updated mapsReplica maps are exact (or sometimes colourised) replicas of primary source maps.  These source maps form the main source material of the Atlas of Mystara, from which all of the updated maps are made.  Put simply:

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