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Karameikos, 4 miles per hex

by Rindis

I cycle though hobbies constantly. I took up Mystara mapping a couple years ago, and just recently came back to largely finish off something I started then.

Traditionally, each scale up/down in Mystara maps are by a factor of three, which leads to annoying measurements when going down from 8 mi/hex, so I decided to take a look at going by half down to 4 (and if I ever had the energy and desire, down to 2 and 1 for regional maps).

It was a bigger project than I strictly counted on.

My primary reference was of course Thorfinn's reworked GAZ1 map, the 2.7 mile map around Threshold, and a 2.4 mile map of the NE region (which I can't find in my main files right now). Therefore those two areas are much better detailed so far. The original is a CorelDraw file, and the symbols are again taken from Thorfinn's wonderful reference materials.

Karameikos, 4 miles per hex