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Karameikos, 8 miles per hex

by Thorfinn Tait


Replica of GAZ1 poster map, 8 miles per hex by Thorf, April 2006, last revised 23 January 2016

GAZ1 presented Karameikos in 8 miles per hex for the first time.  It’s quite a close fit to the Expert Rules Set/X1’s 24 mile per hex map, and also includes most locations from the same set’s 6 mile per hex map.  The forested hex symbol was not introduced until later in the Gazetteer line, hence the lack of that terrain type in this map.


Updated map of Karameikos, 8 miles per hex by Thorf, June 2008
and Variant updated map of Karameikos with mostly forested hills, 8 miles per hex by Thorf, June 2005 last revised 15 January 2016

As you can see, most of the Grand Duchy is forest and foothills, with a few large patches of flatlands, moors, and one swampy region.  Also evident is that most of the communities […] are on the coast or along the rivers.  There are very few human communities in deep woods or far from well-travelled roads, so the vast majority of the Grand Duchy is unsettled no-man’s-land, unexplored and undefended.

from GAZ1 The Grand Duchy of Karameikos, by Aaron Allston


Note: PDF files are available of all my maps upon request.

The most notable feature of the updated map is the forested hills, long described in the text but included for the first time in Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure. The text in fact implies that almost all the hills are forested.  Due to the popularity of a variant I made back in 2005, the Atlas has adopted the text’s version, with the vast majority of Karameikos’ hills forested.  Other fan-created maps have built on this variant, so it makes sense to stay true both to them as well as the source material.

I have also introduced some evergreen forest hexes along the edge of the mountains, mostly in reference to Simone and Giampaolo’s maps.  This is a judgement call of course, but I think they did a good job.

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About Replica Maps

Unlike Updated mapsReplica maps are exact (or sometimes colourised) replicas of primary source maps.  These source maps form the main source material of the Atlas of Mystara, from which all of the updated maps are made.  Put simply:



Thanks to: Giampaolo Agosta (Agathokles), Jesper Andersen (Spellweaver), John Calvin (Chimpman), Malcolm Iggleden, Katana One, Kheldren, Joe Mason, Sheldon Morris (Hugin), Hervé Musseau (Andaire), Simone Neri (Zendrolion), Andrew Theisen (Cthulhudrew)