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Known World, 72 miles per hex

by Thorfinn Tait


Replica of The Empires of Alphatia and Thyatis, 72 miles per hex by Thorf, March 2009


Replica of Alphatian Sea, 72 miles per hex by Thorf, February 2010


Replica of Sea of Dread Region, 72 miles per hex by Thorf, March 2013

Replica of New Alphatian Region, 72 miles per hex by Thorf, February 2010


Dawn of the Emperors provided the first real overview map of the Known World area in hex format. There are various problems with the map (including Norwold, the positions of the coastlines, and general lack of accuracy), but it is an iconic map nonetheless.

The updated map will follow - eventually. As you may already know, I intend to first complete revisions on the 8 mile per hex maps, then use those to create a new ultra-accurate set of 24 mile per hex maps, before finally making a proper version of this map. I've been working on this project for four years now, so I think I can say with confidence that I won't be at the stage where I can make my 72 mile per hex maps for a while yet.

In the meantime, let's keep discussion in this thread limited to features specific to this scale, and of course problems with the official map.

Primary Sources: Dawn of the Emperors (1989), Wrath of the Immortals (1992), AC1010 Poor Wizard's Almanac (1992), AC1011 Poor Wizard's Almanac II (1993), AC1012 Poor Wizard's Almanac III (1994).

Notes on Dawn of the Emperors

Notes on Poor Wizard's Almanac

Notes on Poor Wizard's Almanac III

To Do List - the path to 72 miles per hex maps

  1. Finish updating 8 mile per hex maps.
  2. Use them to create a new 24 mile per hex standard.
  3. Use them in turn to create my new 72 miles per hex maps.



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