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Alfheim, 8 miles per hex

by Thorfinn Tait


Replica of poster map from GAZ5, 8 miles per hex by Thorf, replica map 1 February 2016; original colours map July 2008

All of Alfheim’s rivers flow towards the sump & weir, marked on the map as a spiral.  From there, they drain underground.  GAZ5 unfortunately continued GAZ2’s trend of not marking villages on the map.  It introduced two new symbols for good and bad magic points, and used a palette change for the great home trees of the Canolbarth Forest.


Updated map of Alfheim, 8 miles per hex by Thorf, 7 February 2016

The magic of Alfheim is perhaps the most distinguishing quality of the place. Sages specialising in geography wonder at the fact of a thick, almost jungle-like forest composed mostly of scrub oak trees and other ordinary valley scrub plants growing to nearly double size and greater. In this climate, and with the dense leaf cover, the ground should be nearly bare. Yet the forest floor is densely carpeted with an amazing variety of flora, all competing desperately for sunlight and making travel through the forest nearly impossible for those not initiated into the elven ways. This is yet one more mystery attributed to the great magics of Ilsundal and the elven mages who first colonised Alfheim.

from GAZ5 The Elves of Alfheim, by Steve Perrin and Anders Swenson


The Alfheim map is without a doubt the least changed of any of my updated maps.  There are no significant changes or updates to speak of.

Having said that, this is also a map that I’m still working on, as you can see from the To Do List included below.  Zendrolion has also suggested some changes which you can see on the map thread for Alfheim over at The Piazza, linked in the References section below.

I’d also like to add some villages to the map, starting with Zendrolion’s suggestions.

One caveat: a lot of these things may not fit on the map due to lack of space at this scale.  Robin has produced a wonderful 1 mile per hex map for those wishing to see a more detailed look at Alfheim.


Notes on Updated map

Chronological Notes

Migration Notes

To Do List

  1. Check GAZ5, CM7, O2 and other relevant sources for geographic details and write notes on the updated map.
  2. Create replica of GAZ5 Eastern Alfheim, 8 miles per hex map.
  3. Create replica of GAZ5 Sump and Weir, 1 mile per hex map.
  4. Create replica of GAZ5 Alfheim Town and Surrounding Farm Land, non-hex with 8 mile overlay map.
  5. Create replica of GAZ5 The Elven Migrations, non-hex partial world map.
  6. Create replicas of CM7 Selinar maps.
  7. Create replicas of Rules Cyclopedia maps and write notes.
  8. Create replica of TM1 and finish notes on this map.
  9. Create replicas of O2 Emerlas maps.
  10. Update the map with details from other sources.


  1. Alfheim at the Vaults of Pandius
  2. Alfheim map thread at The Piazza

About Replica Maps

Unlike Updated mapsReplica maps are exact (or sometimes colourised) replicas of primary source maps.  These source maps form the main source material of the Atlas of Mystara, from which all of the updated maps are made.  Put simply:

Thanks to: John Calvin (Chimpman), Lost Woodrake, Simone Neri (Zendrolion), Andrew Theisen (Cthulhudrew)