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Maskelyne, 8 miles per hex

by John Calvin


Map of the Hollow Moon, Maskelyne, 8 miles per hex by John Calvin, 2011 (Work In Progress)

I've updated the Maskelyne maps - this is the first major revision to my original material. Originally I had placed Maskelyne on an island in the northern Mare Tranquillitatis (on what lunar maps label Plinius). Unfortunately at the time I was working from a map that didn't have the real Maskelyne labeled, and I just chose something that I thought looked good.

Anyway, as it turns out, the real Maskelyne is on the opposite side of Tranquillitatis - in the south. So after some deliberation (while working on other cultures in the vicinity of Mare Tranquillitatis), I decided to see what it would look like if I actually moved it.

I've left the older maps for comparison.


  1. The map is pretty sparse at the moment. I'm going to rely on the community to help flesh it out.

Inside Matera: The Hollow Moon by Sharon Dornhoff
Hollow Moon: Nearside, 40 miles per hex


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Thanks to: Thorfinn Tait, for providing some wonderful graphics to use in all of our mapping projects, Sharon Dornhoff for developing the setting.