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Map of the Great Northway Lands

by Matthew Fleet

I have now finally finished my "Tortles of the Purple Sage" map, which can be found here and here with the lines showing the established and possible Dravish 'roads'. There is a "Zoom" facility, to make viewing easier.

In compiling this map,I used Dungeon Magazine issues 6 & 7, as well as the Savage Coast Boxed Sets and various maps from the Vaults of Pandius, so it should cover off most sources. I also used this map from Bruce Heard's blog, which is of great use as well. Due to Bruce's article, I decided to put a rocky desert in the top left of the map, as he correctly points out that this part of Brun will be very dry, as the Endworld Spine mountain range will prevent a lot of moisture from reaching those lands. In fact, this area broadly corresponds to the Mojave Desert in the real world.

I decided that the maps found in Dungeon magazine 6 & 7 should take precedent over the Savage Coast boxed sets maps with relation to the river tributaries and a few other areas. This is because those maps were released specifically for Mystara, whereas the Savage Coast sets were not based in any specific World (although the Savage Coast is usually associated with Mystara). I have however used some additional details from those boxed sets to "flesh out" parts of the map, as parts of the map published in Dungeon Magazine was overly basic in places. There are also a number of areas described in the Dungeon Magazine article that are contradicted by the map that accompanied it. An example of this is the Empty Valley, which is described as a huge dry, arid and rocky canyon, and a "scar on the land". However, the accompanying map shows this area to be all flat grassland instead! I've therefore amended those areas on the map to reflect the correct geography.

A final note regarding the various terrain types - "badlands" represent areas where the ground mainly consists of rock or dirt soil, and where only a few shrubs and trees grow. Foraging can be done here, but at a significant penalty. "Rocky desert" represents arid areas where there is almost no plant life or rainfall at all. Foraging in rocky desert areas is impossible unless the individual in concern has the "survival desert" skill. "Barren Hills" are rocky hills where little or no plant life grows, and where canyons are quite common. Crossing such areas can be very difficult, and foraging can only be done in some parts (and again, at a minus to any rolls).

Anyway, please let me know what you think, or if you spot any mistakes. It should be easy for me to make any small amendments that may be required.

This is a map I did a little while ago. However, I recently discovered that there was a map that came with the second official Savage Coast boxed set that I had never seen before. I have therefore made some amendments, as some new areas were detailed on the official map which had not been covered in much depth before.

I am also working on a map directly to the East of this one, which once completed and joined to this map, will mean the entire Savage Coast area (and the lands immediately to the North) will be on one map at 24 miles a hex for ease of reference.