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Mystara Outer World 2300 BC, 72 miles per hex

by Francesco Defferrari

Mystara Outer World, 2300 BC, 72 miles per hex By Sturm (Work in progress)

Hi, this is Mystara in 2300 BC, a work inspired by this map by Chimpman, the creator of the wonderful 2300 BC setting.
As you can see, Chimpman's map is projected as the Master set world map, while mine is more like the Hollow world boxed set planetary map, so he could disagree with some choices I made.
The world in this age, coming from the Great Rain of Fire "nuclear winter" is noticeably colder than present era. There is tundra (i.e. terrain with few trees because ice inside the earth never melts) from 50N and 50S, and the tropical zone is smaller than today. Desertification of the Sind, Aryptian and Izondan desert are in progress but not completed yet. That's an effect of this small ice age too, as the cold has brought global aridity in several areas (compared to the lusher and bigger forest of the previous age).
Sea levels are lower, and there are three internal seas, probably with lower salinity as happens in the Caspian..
Much more to discuss in following posts..

Mystara Outer World, 2300 BC, 72 miles per hex with Climatic zones By Sturm (Work in progress)

As for 1000AC, here is the map of 2300 BC with climatic zones. Ice cover both in the north and in the south are much greater than present times, reaching in winter what are now temperate zones.