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Randel, 8 miles per hex

by Thorfinn Tait
A curious geological feature strikes first-time visitors. Seen from an airship at a high altitude, a pattern of mesas makes the land look as if it were covered with giant bubbles. These formations are arid, porous, and filled with caverns. Rocky spires tower above larger mesas, like giant spires. Seen from the land, the formations’ flat tops become more revealing as to their fauna. With some patience and a bit of luck, one may observe a giant, bat-winged creature taking off in search of a meal. Although originally called randels (a play on the word “roundel,”) these mesas became better known as dragon crags. This most curious topography brought about the creation of this realm and its social makeup.

from Bruce Heard’s The Alphatian Province of Randel


Updated map of the Alphatian Kingdom of Randel, 8 miles per hex (updated 12th January 2016)



As with all his Alphatia 8 mile per hex maps, Bruce Heard added a great deal of detail and character to the region when converting from 24 miles per hex.  The Atlas considers Bruce’s map to be the definitive source for Randel.

There are two more instances of river bifurcation in this map.  Perhaps the Alphatians enjoy splitting their rivers as a matter of aesthetics.


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