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Selhomarr, 8 miles per hex

by Thorfinn Tait


Map of Selhomarr, 8 miles per hex by Thorf, March-April 2009, January 2010 (Work In Progress)


Province of Annurios, 8 miles per hex by Thorf, March 2009

Province of Varannis, 8 miles per hex by Thorf, March 2009

This thread is for working on an 8 mile per hex version of the Empire of Selhomarr.

Sources: The Empire of Selhomarr (1997-1999) by Geoff Gander, Hollow World Campaign Set (1990), Selhomarr, 40 miles per hex (2009).

Notes on The Empire of Selhomarr Gazetteer

Thorf's To Do List

  1. Fill in the base terrain.
  2. Adjust the captions to fit the new scale.
  3. Redraw the rivers (they're currently part of the coastline shapes, and as a result far too wide).
  4. Place the settlements.
  5. Trace the borders from the small scale map. (This is my least favourite part of making a hex map...)
  6. Add some detail to the coastlines and rivers.
  7. Add Geoff's latest changes.

Geoff's To Do List

  1. Name the peninsula on which Myiad is located.
  2. Name a bunch of bays (at least 4 at least 3).
  3. Name the river north of Bay of Xerothnyi.
  4. Name the grasslands shared by Regelnis and Ardeth.
  5. Search the Gazetteer for other place & geographic names and note them for inclusion.


  1. Selhomarr section in the Atlas at the Vaults of Pandius
  2. Selhomarr, 40 miles per hex - thread for the original Selhomarr map at the Piazza

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