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Selhomarr, 40 miles per hex

by Thorfinn Tait


Replica of Geoff Gander's 1997 map, 40 miles per hex by Thorf, March 2009

Updated map of Selhomarr, 40 miles per hex by Thorf, March 2009


This is the first unofficial map I've done so far, so in many ways the format is experimental. I decided to continue with my usual process of doing a replica then updating it - it's just the best way to get things to be accurate, and it makes it easy to find any problems.

Please let me know what you think about this map, as well as the whole process of doing non-TSR maps. I had a lot of fun making this one.

Sources: The Empire of Selhomarr (1997-1999) by Geoff Gander, Hollow World Campaign Set (1990).

Notes on Updated map (XXX)

To Do List



  1. Selhomarr section in the Atlas at the Vaults of Pandius

Thanks to: Geoff Gander (Seer of Yhog)