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Map of the Swamp of the Beast and Surrounding Kingdoms

by Matthew Fleet

I recently put together a map of this area which was previously covered by a number of fan Gazetteers written by JTR. I thought this map might prove to be useful as this area was split up and covered separately in the fan Gazetteer series, so no solitary map covered the entire area. Several fan made continent size maps were subsequently created which do detail this area very accurately, but these maps are obviously very large and so may not be that practical to use by a DM during a Role Play session. Therefore, I've now created a 24 mile hex map of this specific area which can be used for this purpose:

I've been faithful to JTR's maps except where they contradict canon material. In those areas, I've made some tweaks to tie them up with the official maps. Generally, those areas are on the peripheral of JTR's maps and so don't cause any material issues. The only exception is the area immediately north of Wendar, where JTR's work did deviate noticeably from the canonical maps of that area.

For reference, this area lies to the West of Norwold. In fact, the right hand side of my map can be lined up with part of the map that came with module CM1 (Test of the Warlords), which detailed Norwold in some depth.

A special thanks goes to JTR, Sturm, Robin, Zendrolion and Birchbeer, whose previous maps I have used in order to put mine together. In fact, my map is little more than an amalgamation of other peoples work.