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Theranderol, 8 miles per hex

by Thorfinn Tait
Theranderol is a land of small secluded lakes and windswept plateaux.† Some say that each is unique and veils a secret of its own.† Although predominantly wizards, Theran aristocrats who inherited the realm from its founders fancy the romantic manner of knights and gallantry.

from Bruce Heardís†The Alphatian Province of Theranderol


Updated map of the Alphatian Kingdom of Theranderol, 8 miles per hex (updated 9th January 2016)



As with all his Alphatia 8 mile per hex maps, Bruce Heard added a great deal of detail and character to the region when converting from 24 miles per hex. †The†Atlas considers Bruceís map to be the definitive source for Theranderol.

I extended the eastern edge of the map†slightly from Bruceís original version to show more of Randel, so that I could keep its†labels inside its†borders. †This is a general policy of the†Atlas: keep political labels within the relevant country where possible.

The Thera River splits into two rivers just after it passes Errolyn, with the Thera continuing to the south while the Randel River goes east. †This is a very rare occurrence, although it does happen, and is known as river bifurcation. †It originates on†the original 24 mile per hex map.

Thereís a second instance of bifurcation in northeastern Theranderol, with the Opinicus Lake. †This is known as lake bifurcation, and it does occur in the real world, although again itís not a common thing.


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