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The (Un)Known World trail map

by Francesco Defferrari

A bigger trail map, 8 miles per hex by Sturm, March 2013

Hi, I took the beautiful composed TM1 and TM2 map by Thorf and added Atruaghin lands, Sind, Wendar, Heldann and part of Denagoth from the GazF team, the Undersea map and my Adri Varna map in 8 miles per hex.
The result is huge (more than 10 mega) but I think it's useful to see all the Known World in details, including the regions previously excluded by composed maps but that I think should be included due to their proximity...
The map would need some cleaning as palettes are different and the Wendar map doesn't fit perfectly with the others, but it's a start..

The second step, hence the topic name, will be adding much more communities to the few ones shown in this map, thus highlighting the areas really inhabited by humans and humanoids..
The third step will be drawing borders of the dragon kingdoms and the regions under humanoid control, thus showing the Known world nation are much smaller, wild and unknown than the canon maps display

I added all the canon and fan sources I was aware of, but there are conflicting maps of the Yalu sea and the Borean river and I just tried a sort of compromise...

A bigger trail map, 8 miles per hex, no undersea by Sturm, March 2013