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by Mike Phillips

I may have been prematurely dismissive. Looking at it more carefully last night, it does a good job filling in some areas west of the swamp. (I think originally I saw "Free City of Tenobar" and "Free City of Athenos" and viewed the whole thing as a set of city-states.)

Clearly, Arbanville lines up well with the mining village at C and Hellwych with E. Also, Wyrmsbend is pretty close to B. I also like the frontier feeling suggested. Since only Forts Marny and Nar show up on the canon 8 mile per hex map, I'm tempted to make the two new forts drawn in (Attleson, Clawson) as smaller outposts. Perhaps keeps?

Putting Clawson in place suggests ruins J should be a village, and the idea of something named Malphegos appeals to me. (Either that, or J becomes Clawson, and a village is nestled in the hills nearby.)

Also, I think I'll carry over Woodhaven, and the two ruins in the swamp are promising.

Incidentally, I redrew the Westerlands map last night for practice (and to really pore over the map, thinking about how it works):