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Wallara Dreamlands, 8 miles per hex

by John Calvin


Map of the Hollow Moon, Margasta Tribelands, 8 miles per hex by John Calvin, November 2020 (Work In Progress)


  1. The map is pretty sparse at the moment. I'm going to rely on the community to help flesh it out.

Inside Matera: The Hollow Moon by Sharon Dornhoff
Hollow Moon: Nearside, 40 miles per hex
Hollow Moon Planetology: Blue Moon - Emergence
Hollow Moon Planetology: Blue Moon -- Animal Life


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Thanks to: Thorfinn Tait, for providing some wonderful graphics to use in all of our mapping projects, Sharon Dornhoff for developing the setting.

Notes (pulled from references):
1) Out beyond Tranquillitatis, south of the Wallaran dreamscapes and the arid steppes of Sohktar
2) Giant varanoid lizards, including the tremendous and rapacious Megalania from the Pleistocene of the Wallaroo grasslands, are able night-hunters and can be found in the eastern deserts and savannahs.
3) Besides these ancient pests, Matera is home to plenty of familiar mammals ... familiar to your players, that is. Unless someone is playing a Wallara, the nocturnal marsupials of the Wallaran dreamlands -- sugar gliders, wombats, tree kangaroos, thylacines and devils -- will look downright bizarre, even before they encounter giant Pleistocene specimens like the bear-sized wombat Diprotodon!
4) One small glade in the heart of the Wallaran dreamlands, yet cut off even from that mysterious region by steep cliffs or deep chasms on all sides, is home to giant kiwis and the giant earthworms they sniff out.