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World Map (non-hex)

by Thorfinn Tait


Replica of world map from the Master Rules Set by Thorf, June 2005 / March 2006 / June 2008

Work in Progress world map of the Outer World, Unprojected, largely blank, non-hex by Thorf, March 2009

There are essentially two main sources for the world map of Mystara: the Master Set, and the Hollow World Set. Each provided its own take on the world map. The Master Set map is essentially square, and it's not clear what kind of projection it may be - if it is a projection at all. The Hollow World Set map looks like a Robinson projection, and along with the world map of the Hollow World, it was adopted as the main world map in, and reprinted in the Rules Cyclopedia.

Sources: Master Rules Set (1985), Hollow World Campaign Set (1990), Rules Cyclopedia (1991).

Notes on Master Rules Set

To Do List

  1. Make a replica of the world map from the Hollow World Set.
  2. Make a replica of the world map from the Rules Cyclopedia.
  3. Make a replica of the Brun map from the Companion Rules Set, and create an updated world map.