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Map of the Yalu Bay

by Matthew Fleet

I've finally finished my Yalu Bay map

Hopefully this should be a useful resource as no canon hex map covered all of the Yalu Bay in its entirety. One of the poster maps of the Savage Coast covered most of it, but the map itself wasn't hexed, thus making the conversion a bit tricky.

A special thanks goes to Thorf here, as he previously came up with a number of ways on his website to line up the maps in this region. There were a number of significant contradictions in them, which I doubt I would have solved by myself. Part of the northern part of the Arm of the Immortals shown on this map is also his own design. I've now expanded this part slightly further north, using both Bruce Heard's and Thorf's climate map of Brun as a reference to the terrain types.

Most of the locations shown are canon. Dragon magazine 200 confirms that some Pegataur's live with the winged elves in the Kingdom of Aeryl, so I've tentatively placed some Pegataur tribes just to the north of that Kingdom. I also noticed that Sturm had a reference to "Hive Lands" in his Brun map of this area, which I've taken to mean the Hivebrood, which are some nasty critters found in the D&D Creature Catalogue. Either way, it is useful to finally have a location for them.

This map is also based on the Companion Set map of Brun, so will differ from any map which has used the Hollow World map's version, which is notably different in shape due to stretching and curvature being applied.

I intentionally left out nations and borders in the top left of the map as nothing definitive was provided in canon sources for what lies here. Some people have put various empires in this location (such as the Empire of Zuveyo, Dorfin IV etc), whilst others would put small nations with various non human populations, similar to other parts of the Savage Coast. By leaving this section blank, individuals can hopefully add whatever nations they like to suit their own campaign.

As usual, and comments are welcome before I file this map in the Geographical mapping section!