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Periods of Magic Evolution

by Robin

Sturm wrote:

Sun Sep 09, 2018 4:25 am
Yes the Idea Blackmoorian did not have Teleport would Indeed make their later age more interesting similar to the XIX century exploration age as it was my intention. Did we ever had a discussion about magic originally in Blackmoor and those brought later by Alphatians? Maybe in your Magic thread? It would be interesting to assume a variety of spells came from the Alphatians. Maybe the ones not working in the Hollow World?

That is something too indeed.
We actually have several Magical periods;
I coould assume the following
Early prehuman Magic (nature based) millions of years ago (these would include a variety of spells forgotten now, maybe all)Oldest Known Magic. Chaotic, balanced and organized variants exist. Currently (1000AC) only used by some Elves and other Forest Beings, unknowing of difference with normal magic after GRoF. Formerly used by Neanderthal, Barbarians, primitive Lizardmen. Before Blackmoor the ‘common’source of magic.
Early Human(oid) magic (Nature based) with the arrival of elves (these would include a wide variety of spells forgotten now, maybe some would still be included today in the standard RC list)
Evolved Magic (Elemental Plane or Elemental Sphere based) somewhere very shortly before Blackmoor (the DA series in blackmoor list several RC spells as they were new discoveries) this ntural magic was powerful enough to affect the FSS Beagle later millions of miles away. This would include Carnivex, Azcan magic
Low Radiance affected magic (following the crash of the USS Beagle, affecting all magic globally with its radiation), enabling magic to be used more easily, to be used by more people. This would be all existing magic from this moment on!!The threatening Carnivex magic must have created on radiance based magic, and also includes the same evolution into technomagic(as the illustration in the carnicex canon adventure reveals blacmoor like devices) and explains why these would have been expelled from the face of Mystara by the immortals). The immortals also devised the spells on the Hollow World to preserve nations and such somewhere in this period. so I think all spells/magic there would be dually affected; one by the immortals to prevent creatures leaving (any conjuring/summoning/transport spells), yet I am also more in your line Sturm, that the rest would reflect the uses known in this period
Technomagic (final decades before the GROF 3000BC) fusing magic and technology by Blackmoorians, elves, gnomes and dwarves. none of these magical forms survived beyond the GROF.
High Radiance affected magic (as the GROF blasted a global wasting disease, it further increased the yield people have to access magic (this is probably because the disease is Radiance based, like all magic is now affected by Radiance; radiance meets radiance= easier contact, and thus easier use).
Evolved Radiance affected magic; (Morgreth lizardkin empire 1 and 2 and Nithia) even 10th level spells are rumoured to have been created. immortals take action wiping away this knowledge
Alphatian magic (connected by the Nithians, taking refuge on Mystara bringing their own other-dimensional elemental based magic in 1000AC).This magic is still affected almost directly by the radiance, increasing the yield/number of Alphatian magic users.(the canon source slightly suggest the number of mages was less common, as canon DotE explained.) this would include all the spells from this set., and the analyze spell from RC amongst others as this is clearly created within this time.
Pure Radiance magic (from the moment Rad discovers the Nucleus of Spheres and uses it to become Immortal). use is limited yet still grows. This causes a depletion of effects in the Nucleus of Spheres. in this period. The various glantrian secret craft magic forms are discovered
Rediscovery of nature magical sources 1000AC to 1752AC (slowly decreasing radiance effects...almost no wasting disease, natural sources become slowly cleaner of radiance effects...(and thus somewhat harder to use/learn).Planet reactions to magic. near the end of this date other sources are discovered, more unaffected magic
1752AC Explosion of Nucleus of Spheres (ENS)as per Gaz 3. all radiance affected magic ceases to be. all other magic temporarily nullified, reactivating soon thereafter.After the ENS various new magic sources spring to life; like
Geomancy —unknown method of drawing magic from and into the planet. The caster have all volcanic spells from Dragon Magazine 265 Article Earthshaker and Earth Elementalists, and act more like Druids and Earth Elementalists combined. These would become the mages Dwarves enjoy as company. Other mages are unable to draw magic from this source, however will affect the SFP of a cell of the planet they are on with their magic.
Mana magic —unknown method of using natural (planetary) producing, altering or cleansing magic. This new source of magic is discovered in 1450AC; Mana, or better said magical energy from the planet itself; in effect a combination of Necromantic (on life), Druidic (on nature), and Elemental magic. The mage absorbs this magic by memorization and meditation on specific locations only and can release it later as a spell he knows…this makes them very adaptable as they store Mana as spell levels (with the same limitations as normal mages have spell levels and use the Spell Mixing Skill), and can cast any spell they know from it anytime they want, at the cost of the spells normal level.
Wells of Mana are created, and around it Mana temples
But there will also come to be Mana depleting sources, and even areas of anti-magic draining Mana completely. And several animals will adapt to these sources and feed on them; Mana Bugs, Mind Worms, and such will become a threat to Mana mages.
Mana mages may develop Detect Mana (2), Long Range Detect Mana(3), Mana Drain(4), Mana Transfer(5), Mana Shield(5) and Mana storage(4) spells. The name of these spells implies what they do. The number would be the amount of spell levels. The DM can develop these spells further, or I (or others) will display these and others later on Piazza. Other mages are unable to draw magic from this source, however they might use the Mana sources to become thus invigorates as having slept 8 full hours (thus enabling rememorizing spells).

In the end magic will be more diverse, no magic caster will be the same, and a natural chaotic order will come to be. Where magic is its natural thread of guidance. As it was before the FSS Beagle was affected by it and crash-landed on Mystara. Not only has the world healed the creatures on it too. Now it is up to the Sentient creatures, Immortals to make a life, and strive to use the magic as a source to go beyond life and attempt to become Immortal, or even beyond, in the fashion as it was intended. No longer exists the 5000 or so years of corruption of nature’s most powerful source of energy; Magic.