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Types of Magic in Mystara

by DJ Hartel

So I know there are a few types of alternative magic practiced in the Known World and outside of it. My goal is mostly to derive different magical traditions. For example, I'm not listing the elf/ogre hybrid as they are a different race, but use a normal magic user caster lise. Has there ever been a list? (I'd include fandom products as well). Here is a rough attempt:

Here is what I know of:

Known World:
Broken Lands: Wicca and Shamans
Glantri: Secret Crafts, Radiance magic spells
Darokin: Merchant
Ethengar: Shamans
Minrothad: Merchant Prince
Rockhome: Clerical Dwarves
Shadow Elves: Radiance Shamans
Atruaghin Clans: Nature Shaman
Serpent Peninsula: Seers/Psychics

Savage Coast:
Red Curse and Inheritors

Hollow World:
Nithian: Pyramid Magic

Heldannic: Clerics of Vanya and Pathfinders
Wendar/Denagoth Light/Dark Elves
Littonia: Amber Magic
Kaarjalan: Noaide Shamanistic Magic, Kanteleer Magic (Bard-like)
Ghyr/Western Alliance: Prismatic Stones, Performance Magic of the Magician

Other Sources:
Sky Gnomes: Magical Engineering skill
Faeries: Immortal Magic Source
Non-Humans: Witch Doctors