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AC1022, Lady Magda Snaps

by Sean Meaney

Having spent 300,000,000gp of her own money over 10 years in employing Alphatian Wizards to turn her estate into a flying island, Lady Magda Launches her estate.
The estate and city of Specularum(Mirros) are subjected to earth tremors as the estate pulls free.

After the estate launches, the capital is left fifty feet above sea level on the newly formed Marilenev Escarpment with no port. The Highreach River now ends 7 miles north east as it pours over a 30 feet high waterfall into the sea.

The concordant ascended from Mirror Bay. The kings flying ship circled above the now airborne estate of Marilenev.
They descended into Castle Marilenev past the defences and guards.
King Stephan confronted the Lady Magda in the great hall of her castle. The Estate was now a shadow over Mirros.
Both sides surrounded by Alphatian Wizards, the enemies closed until the closeness was terrifying.
"Wretched Woman." Stephan Karameikos struggled with the words. The strength was gone from him. and he fell.
Lady Magda collapsed over King Stephan's Body. and began weeping.
"No! not like this. Give me back my family." The Lady Magda struggled to look away for help but it was not coming.
"Help Me." she screamed at the Alphatian Wizards around her.
The Kings Wizard looked at her.
"He is not young anymore, beloved Magda. The immortals of time come for him."
"Then give them to me that i may make us young again."
"No." The Aged Magda looked incensed at the words of the old wizard.
"Please." grief and anger consumed her.
The old wizard shook his head.
"It is all lost." The body of King Stephan and his wizard vanished leaving lady Magda to here despair. The Estate was all she would have to comfort her in these final months.

-An Account of the Death of King Stephan Karameikos by Klardan the mage, Thaumont 15, AC1022

Yarthmont 16: While riding with her lover and Magist Arko Firestorm, Lady Magda perishes when her horse rides off the edge of the estate. Her Magist Arko Firestorm Declares himself Bargle the First, prince of the flying estate of Marilenev.

Yarthmont 17: A report on the Queens Desk informs her that Bargle has control of the flying Estate. In a speech later that morning She informs all Karameikan Citizens that Any who can take Marilenev Estate and Destroy Bargle (she finally has someone to blame) will be granted the title of Count of Marilenev.

Kaldmont 28: On this day, while Bargle is being attacked by mercenaries seeking control of the flying estate of Marilenev, a hard-pressed Bargle retreats to the castle and deactivates the magic keeping the entire estate aloft. The magic fails and the estate plunges into the sea above Fletcher reef (south of the Five Shires). All the mercenaries are killed as are the ten thousand plus peasant population. Bargle escapes in the flying castle using the artifact that was keeping the estate aloft.

Fletcher reef is now an island of rock and dirt with ten thousand dead amongst the rubble.