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New Magen

by Glen Welch

This lockdown has given me plenty of time to get creative again. I was looking at monsters and had the idea to expand the list of magen. I was looking at giving them a much more expanded background for 5th edition though I'm trying to work some of the new design into Becmi. Long story short they were created specifically to fight interdimensional Invaders yeah, but their powers are subtle enough as to not worried The Neighbors. Did come up with a handful of new ones just throwing these out to see what you think.

Arlas. Serve as infiltrators, spies and spokesmen for wizards that value their privacy. They possess the ability to change their appearance to look like others, though they can't grow hair. They are known for their charming nature, friendly demeanor and massive wig collections.

Aram. The shape-changers. Can alter their appearance to resemble anyone that they've seen in person or just a picture. They still can't grow hair, so they tend to have a massive collection of wigs.

Tavar. These have the ability to spider climb and waterwalk at will. They can Traverse any type of terrain without penalty. As such they tend to be given the unenviable task of changing the candles in the chandeliers.

Brom. These are some of the Frontline Fighters. They have the ability to become immune to a damage type. They simply just adapt to the damage and it can't hurt them anymore. They can only be immune to one damage type at a time except for ones that constructs are normally immune to anyways.

Zazz. These guys have the ability of short-range teleportation. They can only go 30 ft but they can teleport every turn before or after attacking. It's more of a blink than an actual teleport though.

Evran. Also used frequently as guards, their ability is being able to phase through walls. It makes them great spies and also makes them fantastic guards.

Kren. These have the very specialized ability that no one can teleport within 30 feet of them coming or going. They look like demos magen, and unlike the others their power is not readily identifiable. But most powerful Wizards with equally powerful enemies tend to keep one within Arm's Reach.