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Magical Warfare

by Markus Olavi Montola

Here be spoilers for WotI, year 1005AC.

Inspired by the ultimately stupefying "Wizards" -thread, I began my gran'ol' pondering about the Glantri-Alphatia -war. As the Alphatia begins the magical assault, what kinds of attacks do they use?

{For convenience, I do not use 1000*M36 -Grand Council IMC, there are instead a thousand wizards who can cast 9th level spells (1000*M21+), just to keep the game a little more balanced. And in my game, there is no queue to M36-estates of Sclaras in Thyatis}

In my game, we live Ambyrmont 1005. The Alphatian assault begun with the grand monster invasion in Thaumont. Alphatia had prepared and organized itself for some months before attacking Glantri. As the analytics said during the Monster's Fair (Vatermont), the monster prices plunged in Thaumont. Glantrians never saw any of the wizards summoning the critters, they just saw the results.

As the fighting against the generic monsters begun to bore me in the Klarmont, the Council of the Princes voted "yah" for the national Teleport-shield. The shield was risen by Harald Haaskinz and Volospin Aendyr to prevent any dimensional travel within the Principalities. As the downside, you can't 'port around these days. Now Glantrians must travel the normal way in the land still full of interdimensional monsters.

In Felmont, the Alphatia attacked a new way. As the southern Glantri was practically roasted (temperature 40-50 degrees Celsius (!)), the northern Glantri was stricken by very cold nights. Practically this destroyed the most of the food production. The council immediately elected a committee of weather controlling, led by Volospin Aendyr, but the damage was done -- the mundaners will be hungry in wintertime.

In Felmont, Alphatia struck mentally in some problems of Glantri. They had finally identified some members of ELF, FAERY, Followers of the Fire and Followers of the Claymore. All of the factions have mustered their forces, blaming their own little nemeses, preparing to fight to death. In Ambyrmont, Belcadizians begin by blowing up Carlotina Erewan's flat in the City, and the ELF of course retaliates. Meanwhile, the Fire-ists try to murder Volospin Aendyr who is considered a traitor.

In Fyrmont, Alphatia tried to disable the Glantrian commanders. IMC, the council divided the defence in military and magical defence. Military is commanded by Jaggar von Drachenfels, Magical coordination is done by Brannart McGregor (!). Both Ritterburg and Crownguard are attacked simultaneously by over killing magical assaults. Both keeps are practically levelled. Jaggar managed to escape to City, Brannart was beheaded by an Alphatian paladin. Moments after the Alphatians retire, Brannart puts his head back to its place and goes on with his business.

In Ambyrmont, the Alphatians assault the Glantrian leaders mentally. Stupid orders were given and obeyed. F.ex. the Baron of Ylourgne ordered his men to burn the food storages of Morlay, and the Morlay-ans retaliated by burning down the storages of Ylourgne.

What WILL happen soon:

In Sviftmont, the Glantrians make their new coldness records, as the winter is both early and cold. The coldness in Morlay area leads into the spread of the lycanthropy, as some of the people rather become werewolves than freeze to death during the long and cold winter. In Boldavia area, people just die.

In Eirmont, a massive ritual spell attacks Klantyre and Boldavia, taking control of the most of the local undead. The undead fight the local populace, striking down the morale of the people, who accuse the Necromancers of treachery.

In Kaldmont, as the war has raged for a year, the situation looks grim to the Glantrians.

But, what next..? What e l s e ? How would the magocrats respond? What would they do against a magical force that seems to be superior? In my game, I assumed that Alphatia attacks Thyatis conventionally and Glantri magically, while ignoring the most of the Heldannia. Heldanners are kept busy against the Khanates, but they still can use their warbirds against the Imperial Air Fleet.

When the war ends, there will be only smoking and frozen ruins of the Principalities left.