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Location: Equatorial waters of the Atlass Ocean, west of Iciria, south of the Merry Pirate Seas. HW

Area: 7,436 sq. mi. (19,260 sq. km.), including Makai Island, 6,075 sq. mi. (15,735 sq. km.).

Population: 11,000.

Languages: Neathar.

Coinage: None (barter only).

Taxes: None.

Government Type: Simple tribal monarchy.

Industries: Fishing, pearl-diving, hunting and gathering.

Important Figures: Kalakaua (King / Tribal Chief, human, male, F9).

Flora and Fauna: The jungle growth found here is typical to tropical rainforests, including bamboo. Fruits include coconuts, papaya, guava, pineapple, bananas, and exotic nuts. Sugarcane, taro, and sweet potatoes are cultivated. Flowers are abundant on the islands, with hibiscus and orchids being the most common. Reptiles (normal and giant) and birds are more common than mammals. Lizards-especially geckos, snakes, and dinosaurs-can be found here. Tropical birds include parrots, macaws, flamingos, sea birds, chickens, and the nene, a type of goose. The only mammals found are small rodents, wild boars, and dogs. The sea is rich with oysters and other shellfish, and seaweed is plentiful, along with corals of all types. The corals attract many varieties of brilliantly coloured fish. The seas also hold turtles, dolphins, whales, crabs (normal and giant), sea snakes, rays, and sharks. Aquatic dinosaurs and other sea monsters plague the waters, as well.

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Description by Leadyl Feadiel.

After escaping from the Heldannic stronghold of Stonehaven, I ended up on these pleasant islands, which was a complete reversal from being in a cold stone cell! The friendly people were extremely kind to me, and took me in without hesitation, although they were curious. I spent several years here, working on creating a new spell book, or at least enough of one to get by. It proved impossible to re-write some of the more difficult magics without access to the proper parchments, inks, and other components. Needless to say, it is still a work in progress.

The Land

The Makai are a chain of volcanic islands, which are a virtual paradise! The main island is quite large, with a variety of terrains. From pristine beaches, to rainforest and hills, the island rises to become more mountainous, and is crowned by Mt. Kilethani, an active volcano over 10,000' high. There are plenty of lesser islands, too, all with their own unique charm. It rains here on a daily basis (and in fact, this is how the natives keep track of time), but it is a comfortable rain, and usually not a torrential downpour. The regular rain reminds me of my homeland of Alfheim, but this rain seems natural, not conjured by some mighty spell. Occasionally, storms, or even typhoons, will strike the islands, however.

The People

What a pleasant and wonderful people these are! The Makai are a primitive tribe, considered to be Neathar, although they are not anywhere nearly as warlike as those tribes. They are very peaceful, but will fight if threatened. They are amorous and affectionate, displaying their feelings openly, and without shame. Both men (or kane), and women (wahine), wear only breechclouts or skirts, without shirts, or even shoes. Flowers are used to decorate their persons, in their hair, or as necklaces, called leis. The people make their living off of the land, and especially, the sea. They are skilled pearl divers and fishermen, using unusual canoes, called outriggers, to travel the waters. They also gather fruits and nuts from the forests and grow sweet potatoes and taro in small gardens. The root of the taro plant is use to make poi, one of their staples. Personal possessions amongst the Makai are few, and those that they do have seem to be considered tribal property. Items are freely taken (borrowed or stolen) back and forth as needed or desired between tribesmen. And none of them mind at all. This free exchange of property is their natural way of things.

The Makai are ruled over by the ali'i, who are their royalty. They are similar to the chiefs found in other Neathar tribes. Many Immortals seem to be followed by the islanders, but none too fervently. Most are aspects of nature; the dominant ones are Kanaloa (the sea), Pele (a fire goddess), Papa (goddess of love), and Korotiku (this was the only one which I recognised). Priests, called kahuna, lead the people in rituals and give them guidance in religious matters.

Recent History

The Makai are most certainly related to the Ierendi people of the same name. It would seem that these Makai migrated to the Hollow World long ago, rather than the other way around. Their kahuna and other elders recognised some elements of my stories of the surface (such as night, and the moving sun) from their most ancient legends. Apparently they believe that the old world passed away, but that they were spared and brought to the Hollow World.

Don't Miss

These islands are a paradise, and their people are kind and heart-warming. They welcome peaceful travellers with a great feast, or luau. The food, friendship and celebration at such a feast is to be greatly admired!