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Makai Islands

Location: Equatorial waters of the Atlass Ocean, west of Iciria, south of the Merry Pirate Seas. HW

Area: 7,436 sq. mi. (19,260 sq. km.), including Makai Island, 6,075 sq. mi. (15,735 sq. km.).

Population: 11,300.

Languages: Neathar.

Coinage: None (barter only).

Taxes: None.

Government Type: Simple tribal monarchy.

Industries: Fishing, pearl-diving, hunting and gathering.

Important Figures: Kalakaua (King / Tribal Chief).

Flora and Fauna: The jungle growth found here is typical to tropical rainforests, including bamboo. Fruits include coconuts, papaya, guava, pineapple, bananas, and exotic nuts. Sugarcane, taro, and sweet potatoes are cultivated. Flowers are abundant on the islands, with hibiscus and orchids being the most common. Reptiles (normal and giant) and birds are more common than mammals. Lizards-especially geckos, snakes, and dinosaurs-can be found here. Tropical birds include parrots, macaws, flamingos, sea birds, chickens, and the nene, a type of goose. The only mammals found are small rodents, wild boars, and dogs. The sea is rich with oysters and other shellfish, and seaweed is plentiful, along with corals of all types. The corals attract many varieties of brilliantly coloured fish. The seas also hold turtles, dolphins, whales, crabs (normal and giant), sea snakes, rays, and sharks. Aquatic dinosaurs and other sea monsters plague the waters, as well.

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Last Year's Events: None to report.