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by Jacob Skytte

"Do you see him, my son? Yes, the one who sits alone in the corner. That's right, the one with no beard. He is Maktar; "the ruined beard". Once he had a proper name, like the rest of us, but no longer. Since he lost his children to the Trolls, he has forsaken both his name, his clan and his beard. It was during the harsh winter some 20 years ago, in the month of Wharlin. Maktar was then a prominent cleric of Kagyar and a proud and respected member of the Torkrest Clan. As Evedar of Evekarr Fort, he had led his troops into the Troll infested hills, and had slain a large number of them, believing them to have been driven from the area. Maktar was called to Dengar, and travelled there with a company of dwarves. His superiors had decided to promote him to Rasdar, to replace the aging Korar at Fort Denwarf. Having some time off before being appointed, he sent for his family. Alas, during the journey from Evekarr Fort, they were waylaid by Trolls, driven to a madness by hunger and the recent slaughter, who had managed to find a way past Evekarr. His entire family, and their entourage, were slain and eaten. Only twisted fragments of metal remained. When Maktar heard of this, he went quite mad, and, in grief, shaved off his beard. He immediately went to his superiors, demanding that a punitive force should be sent to exterminate the Trolls from Rockhome and it's borders. Seeing that this could never succeed, since the Trolls could easily withdraw to Vestland where the army could not enter, they refused. In great wrath Maktar proclaimed that he would no longer have any part in the Rockhome military, and that he would no longer belong to the Torkrests, since they had let him down. He swore that as long as Trolls remained in Rockhome, he would remain beardless. Since then he has travelled far, in search of the gold needed to raise an army to exterminate the trolls. Every now and then he returns to Rockhome, to try and persuade the army to exterminate the Trolls, and when Evekarr Fort sends out expeditions, he shows up to them. Many of his former soldiers still see him as their leader, and let him fight with them during these campaigns. So, though he appears a ragged and worn vagabond, do not pick a fight with him, for he is a Troll-killer, and also has the favour of Kagyar."

The story of Duric Dorficwarf is well-known in Rockhome. Now known as Maktar, he travels the world, adventuring, to raise money for an army to exterminate all Trolls, an impossible quest it would seem.


Maktar is a fairly short and stocky dwarf, whose most remarkable feature is the lack of a beard. Among the dwarves of Rockhome this is almost unheard of. Maktar goes through a ritual shaving each morning while praying to Kagyar to grant him spells. He is also tonsured, but rarely removes his helm when awake. Occasionally he is mistaken for a large gnome, and this annoys him endlessly. Maktar is in his late Adulthood, 96 years old. His eyes are a light shade of grey, and his hair would be dark brown if he had any. Constantly on the road, he does not wear any jewellery (he sold most of it for cash), and his travel-worn clothes are rumpled and dusty.

Mental disposition

A very serious Dwarf, Maktar has little time for needless frivolity. He is outspoken, and will constantly chastise his companions if they seem unfocused or less eager than himself to reach their objective. As a former military commander, he is good at evaluating opposition and making the best of his own resources. Often, he will be the one shouting orders while moving to engage the enemy.

Caring deeply for others, Maktar soon becomes attached to his travelling companions, and will do what he can to assist them, though he expects the same from them, and considers it a betrayal if they refuse to help him when he's in trouble. In the company of strangers, he is slow to warm up, and guarded at first. If he loses any trusted companions, he is thrust into grief. First he will fight to avenge them, then he will mourn for them. Should he fear that one of his companions is in mortal danger, he will do anything to save them, including sacrificing his own life.

Maktar, like most of his race, is unable to swim. He has found that he can tread water, however, and he is not afraid of water, unlike most other dwarves. This might be because, he has no beard to drag him down when wet. Instead, Maktar has developed a fear of heights. He is fine so long as he can't see the ground below him, but freezes if exposed to a great height within sight of ground. It will take great force of will to get him moving again.


Maktar casts spells as an ordinary Cleric. He does not use the reversed versions of spells, except when confronting Trolls. He will not use healing magics on non-dwarves unless he knows them well, and is forbidden from using raise dead spells on non-dwarves. As a Dwarf-Cleric of Kagyar, he is unable to Turn Undead.

Spells per level:

1st: 4, 2nd: 4, 3rd: 3, 4th: 3, 5th: 2, 6th: 1


Always prepared for battle, Maktar dresses in a Plate Mail+2, wears a Shield+2 with the special power of Absorption, wields a Hand Axe+3, and two Throwing Axes. All of his equipment is worn and dirty, except for his Holy Symbol: an emerald with a beautiful carving of a crossed hammer and chisel, easily worth 7,000 gold pieces.


12th level Dwarf-Cleric, Attack Rank D
Neutral (Good), Str 14, Int 9, Wis 13, Dex 7, Con 16, Cha 13, hp 62, AC -1 (Plate Mail+2 for AC 1, -3 Shield bonus, +1 Dex penalty) Maktar takes only half damage from damage-causing spells and spell-like effects, a quarter if he succeeds at a Saving Throw (if allowed by the spell).