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Patera Project: Malacayog

by Andrew Theisen

Location: Patera, Near Side. East of Rajahstan, west of Myoshima.
Area: Approximately 116,000 sq. mi.
Population: 60,000 Rakasta of various breeds.
Language: Numerous tribal dialects.
Coinage: None (barter only).
Technology Level: Stone Age.
Government Type: Tribal.
Industries: Hunting and gathering, swidden agriculture.
Description: A series of scattered, thinly populated islands. The population consists of numerous tribes of Rakasta. These Rakasta are primarily hunters and gatherers, and make little use of tools. They make use of some degree of swidden (i.e., 'slash-and-burn') agriculture, and live in semi-permanent villages, migrating from farm ground to farm ground, and warring with one another. They are renowned for their cannibalistic tendencies. Some few tribes make use of iron and bronze weapons and tools they have looted from the bodies of explorers from outside their island nation. Coastal tribes are known to make daring sea raids on surrounding nations, primarily Myoshima and Rajahstan.
Notable Sites: None.
History: Myoshimans recall with great anger two massive invasion attempts by the Malacayog islanders, one in 136 AC and one in 143 AC (Mystaran calendar). Both raids were repulsed, but at great cost in lives. Myoshimans despise Malacayog islanders for these reasons, and have recently begun attempts to colonise the islands and bring Malacayog under their imperial heels. These attempts have been largely unsuccessful thus far, but the Myoshimans are doggedly continuing in their efforts. (Malacayog also makes a nice base of operations for colonisation efforts against Rajahstan, not coincidentally- at least as I envision it).
Important Figures: No notable figures have yet risen to prominence (though I figure someone prompted those raids hundreds of years ago... they correspond roughly to Mongol invasion attempts of Japan, for those of you wondering).
Flora and Fauna: