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by Marco Dalmonte

Patron of Merrows, Dolphins' Friend
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 13th (Celestial), NG, Matter
Symbol: a blue dolphin
Portfolio: merrows, dolphins, protection and prosperity of the aquatic races and the oceanic ecosystem.
Worshipped in: Undersea and all the oceans.
Appearance: a lithe and nimble male merrow with long turquoise hair and tanned skin and a dreamlike expression on his face, clad with a simple seaweed gown, holding a spear and wearing a shells necklace. His second manifestation form is that of a huge blue dolphin with two sparkling eyes and a golden fin.
History: Malafor was the merrow that bonded the dolphins to his race. Legends tell he was the first who understood and taught to his kin the language of dolphins and whales, but the truth is a bit different.
LIKELY THEORY: Malafor was born a merrow in the Sunlit Sea around XVII century BC. He was famous for his great love for the oceanic wildlife and especially as a great trainer and tamer of whales and dolphins. Together with a group of close friends, he started a long voyage across the known seas looking for new aquatic species and lost knowledge. During his epic quest, he overcame many difficulties and never failed to protect the aquatic species from catastrophic events or from the evil machinations of Entropic forces or the land-dwellers. During the course of his trek, Malafor came in contact with the immortal Terra, who tested his skills and goodwill before showing him the Path of the Polymath. Malafor was thus reincarnated into a triton mage, then in an Aquarendi and finally in a dolphin, and he always completed the tasks that his patron gave him. Once he regained his full memories and his merrow form, thanks to his knowledge and the fame he had acquired during his epic quests he was able to teach to his kin the dolphins' language, and sealed an oath of eternal friendship and alliance between merrows and dolphins to help each other prosper in the seas. As proof of his deed for the future generations he created the Gift of Malafor, a colossal sculpture carved in the oceanic floor of the Sunlit Sea depicting a merrow surrounded by a school of dolphins. This way he became immortal in the sphere of Matter in BC 1440 as patron of all merrows and all dolphins, and as protector of the aquatic wildlife.
Personality: Malafor is a good willed immortal that really cares for his followers' well being, even those who ignore his existence (the animals). For this reason he preaches his clerics and worshippers to have an active role in the events that influence the marine ecosystem, trying to protect the weaker creatures and their own habitat. He loathes Crakkak, who killed thousands of dolphins before attaining immortality, and despises Saasskas, whose evil plots threaten peace and life in the Sunlit Sea.
Patron: Unknown [presumed: Terra]
Allies: Terra, Calitha
Enemy: Saasskas, Crakkak
Classic D&D Stats:
Followers' Alignment: any; the clerics must be Neutral or Lawful
Favoured Weapon: none (allowed the trident, the short spear, the dagger and the net)
Clerics' skills and powers: the clerics can magically turn into a dolphin once a day (acquires physical statistics of the dolphin, maintains his own mental characteristics, Saving Throws and THAC0, but cannot carry with him objects nor use his own special powers, can speak Dolphin tongue, +2 bonus to Train Dolphins general skill (not free)
D&D 3E Stats:
Domains: Matter, Good, Animals, Sea
Preferred Weapon: Half Spear
Sources: PC3, WotI