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Saimpt Malinois

by Giampaolo Agosta

(The Were-Slayer)
Lesser Power of Arborea, CG/Celestial of Thought, L
PORTFOLIO: Hunters, revenge, courage, warriors, blacksmiths, those who go to war, glory, conquests against evil
DOMAIN: Arborea/Olympus/Isle of the Were-Slayers
SPONSOR: Korotiku
ALLIES: Korotiku, Saimpt Mâtin, Saimpt Ralon
FOES: Orcus, Karaash
SYMBOL: Silver sword
WAL: Any non-evil
In life, Malinois was a ranger from the Wendarian Mountains. He belonged to a local variety of lupin, the Flaem Shepherd. Malinois took part in the wars against werecreatures and other shapechangers on the Isle of Dawn, in Sind and along the Savage Coast during the 5th century AC. As the most prominent lupin hero of his time, he attracted the attention of Saimpt Renard, who sponsored him on the Path of the Epic Hero.

The Church
CLERGY: Priests, war priests, defenders
CAL: Any good
WEAPONS: Lances, spears, swords, daggers and bows
MAJOR SPHERES: All, Animal, Combat, Healing, Plants, War
MINOR SPHERES: Divination, Protection, Summoning
GRANTED POWERS: Detect Evil; Turn Lycanthropes as undead of equal hit dice
BONUS PROFS: Werecreature Lore
DOGMA: Saimpt Malinois requires that his followers crusade against evil, mainly in the form of werewolves. As lycanthropes are nearly extinct along the Savage Coast, goblinoids are the main enemies in recent holy wars.
DAY-TO-DAY ACTIVITIES: Priests of Saimpt Malinois lead their people against evil by both preaching and example, so they often act as adventuring or wandering priests. They also supervise the acknowledgment of new heroes. Lay followers attend religious services every week, but only the bravest can actually embrace the path of the Were-Hunter.
IMPORTANT CEREMONIES/HOLY DAYS: Felmont 8, Holy Call of Saimpt Malinois. In this date, there are major processions in Rochefort and Louvines. In Rochefort, aspirant members of the Holy Order of Were-Hunters take their oath today (except those who have Saimpt Mâtin as their patron). Other ceremonies take place on anniversaries of important military successes of Renardy.
MAJOR CENTRES OF WORSHIP: Saimpt Malinois is revered by the lupin folk of Renardy. The major centre of worship is Rochefort, with its Saimpts Mâtin and Malinois Cathedral.
AFFILIATED ORDERS: Saimpts Mâtin and Malinois Holy Order of Were-Hunters, a knightly order composed by Defenders and War Priests devoted to one of this saimpts. The Grand Master resides in the Chapter House in Rochefort, while lesser Preceptories can be found in most other towns in Renardy.
PRIESTLY VESTMENTS: Priests wear white and black cowls, but they are not required to do it while adventuring. War Priests and Defenders of the Holy Order use shields with a white sword on black field.
ADVENTURING GARB: Adventuring Priests always arm themselves with silver or red steel blades, in order to be ready for were-hunting.

Malinoise Spells
Holy Vigil (Abjuration)
Level: 3
Sphere: Protection
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M
Duration: 6 hours/level
Casting Time: 1 turn
Area of Effect: 1 person/3 levels of the priest
Saving Throw: None
This ancient lupin spell, provided by both Saimpt Malinois and Saimpt Mâtin bestows the recipients full immunity to the effects of the Amber Lotus. Material component are a white lily for each recipient, burning incense (worth 20 gp/recipient) and the priest's holy symbol.