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Saimpt Malinois

by Marco Dalmonte

(Maleen, The Wereslayer, The Avenger)
Patron of Lupins, Patron of Hunting and War, Lord of Just Vengeance

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 14 (Celestial), NG, Thought
Symbol: a vertical sword with blade pointing down and two arrows on its sides crossing at the tip of the blade
Portfolio: lupins, hunting, war, courage, just vengeance, weapons, hunting lycanthropes
Appearance: a bastard lupin with jackal-headed snout and light brown fur, sporting a keen eye and a lithe and athletic body. he normally wears dark hunter's clothes and carries a sword and a knife at the belt and a longbow on his shoulders.
Worshipped in: Renardie, Sind and wherever you can find lupins
History: LIKELY THEORY: Maleen was born by an act of ultimate hatred. His mother was a lupin with Hutaakan blood raped by some gnolls during the gnoll invasion of the Traldar kingdoms. Maleen grew up as an outcast, and once he reached puberty, he left the Hutaaka Valley where his clan was dwelling and started roaming between Nithia and the cold inhospitable lands of the north-west. During these years he honed his skills as ranger and lone hunter. Later, when the massacres and raids brought about by tribes of gnolls and lycanthropes, Maleen's efforts were directed to make humans understand that there was a big difference between lupins and the other "dog-like" breeds. With the passing of time, many young lupins gathered around him and they formed a brigade of hunters renowned in the Nithian territories for their courage and skills in battle.
It was during his later adventures that Maleen stumbled upon the Pit of Corruption, an ancient Entropic artifact which had been used first by the Taymora and then by the Nithians to produce aberrations like gnolls, thouls and lycanthropes. When Maleen discovered that some Nithian priests were planning to sacrifice innocent lupins to create some other crossbreed, he went to the Hutaaka sages looking for a way to destroy it. They guided him towards the Amphora of Purity, a long lost artifact of Thought, the only thing that could have destroyed the wickedness of the Pit. It took Maleen the quest of his life to find the amphora, and all the while the Nithians went on with their experiments. When he finally came back to Nithia and destroyed the Pit, Maleen received an omen from the immortals and he realised he was way ahead on the Path of the Epic Hero. So he crafted a new legendary weapon and taught his own son to succeed him and pass his legend onto the future generations. Maleen became immortal in BC830 under Korotiku's patronage, and soon he became a legend and a god among the lupins of all the world.
Later with the reform of the Renardois Church he became known as Saimpt Malinois in that nation, although he is still known simply as the Wereslayer or the Avenger or Maleen the Hunter by many lupin tribes.
Personality: Saimpt Malinois is the most active of the Lupin Immortals and his cult has always regarded the act of hunting as holy in the lupin society. His followers show a deep respect for the game as they understand that its death brings them life. Saimpt Malinois encourages the lupins to follow the path of the warrior and the hunter, he protects the brave and the soldiers, and he's the patron of armourers and weaponsmiths. He has also been nicknamed the Avenger since his followers have the duty to right the wrongs and administer the justice in lupin tribes. Malinois's priests also have the duty to bless lupins before a hunt or a war.
Maleen considers true allies only Korotiku and Saimpt Mātin, while he has taken to despise Ruadhri Hawkbane, who let his soul be corrupted by the hatred towards lycanthropes. He is also a fierce enemy of Mrikitat, Zirchev and Orcus, responsible in his view to cover up the mischief created by the werecreatures.
Patron: Korotiku
Allies: Saimpt Renard (Korotiku), Saimpt Mātin
Enemies: Orcus, Mrikitat, Zirchev, despises Ruaidhri Hawkbane
Classic D&D Stats:
Followers' alignment: any
Favoured weapons: longsword (allowed all one-handed slashing weapons and all kinds of bows)
Clerics' skills & powers: bonus general skills Hunting and Tracking, +2 bonus to general skills Smell and Resistance
D&D 3E stats:
Domains: Thought, Good, War, Hunt, Vengeance
Preferred weapon: longsword
Sources: Savage Coast Sourcebook