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Villages around Malpheggi Swamp

by Mike Phillips

And just when you thought it was safe to go back into the swamp...

Some quick development notes (from campaign prep). I wouldn't mind a little feedback to ensure I'm not being silly/stupid or overlooking something obvious on these villages.

Populations are quasi-random, but intended to be appropriate for villages not large enough to make the main map. I figured Ameron sees a fair amount of traffic, being on the "trade" bank of the river and a suitable distance south of Darokin. It's the likely stopping point for the first night for most traffic, and has a slightly higher inn to population ratio than the others.

My thought on Hellwych is that the lumber mill (or whatever the correct facility for turning logs into lumber is in this era) would be near the town, thus the theme since it warehouses most of the logging from Woodhaven and environs. I assume the logs would be finished before shipping on the Streel (upriver or down), otherwise it would seriously interfere with a major trade route.

I have some quick-notes on about half the inns and taverns, too, but those will have to wait until I have a little more time

pop: 450
11 taverns (4 are inns)


Other Facilities:

Constabulary: 8, plus posse

pop: 200
4 taverns (1 is an inn not a common town to stop except for trade)


Other Facilities:

Constabulary: 1 constable, 1 part-time deputy, posse drafted as needed
Other Features: Local brew: Logger's Lager (brewed for the Old Buzzsaw, but mimicked elsewhere)

pop: 300
6 taverns (3 are inns)


Other facilities:

Constabulary: 1 constable, 1 deputy, plus one squad on rotation (leave, sort of) from Strenny Keep

* I had picked the name Bethel because I needed a name, it came from an area with some English colonies (where I lived for a few years), and stood out less than others in the area (Yorktown, Grafton, Tabb, Jamestown, Williamsburg). However, I missed the religious connotations until I started doing more research. To avoid injecting that into Mystara, I've renamed the village but haven't updated the map yet.

pop: 100 - 250 (seasonal due to mining camp and cargo fluctuation)
8 taverns (3 are inns) (higher concentration due to traffic through the canal)


Other Facilities:

Constabulary: constable, 2 deputies, plus the garrison
Other features: Permanent 10-person crew manning the locks, with a small garrison for protection (major trade artery); extra lodgings for seasonal workers

A couple tidbits about a few of the inns/taverns:

The Nine Bells (Ameron): This tavern has the silhouettes of nine large bells decorating the front of the building. Each one has the name of one of the Great Houses inscribed on it.

The Sign of the Red Splotch (Hellwych): As the sign for this tavern was being painted (originally, The Three Logs), an unfortunate mishap left an indistinct splatter of red paint. The proprietor, overseeing the work, liked the effect enough that he kept it.

Bert's Place (Hellwych): Old Bert was once a bard, traveling the Known World and entertaining many. After an unfortunate incident involving a poorly chosen anecdote, a lord, and being chased by hounds, Bert decided it was time to settle down. He chose Hellwych and opened a pub. These days, he listens more than talks, and he'll often offer a free meal to anyone with a really good story to tell.