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Malpheggi Lizard Men (Tribelands of the)

Location: Swamps of Malpheggi, north of the World Spine Mountains, west of the Neathar lands, southeast of the Azcan Empire, continent of Iciria. HW

Area: 48,497 sq. mi. (125,605 sq. km.).

Population: 10,300 lizard men in clans of about 100 each.

Languages: Malpheggi (Lizard Man).

Coinage: None (barter only).

Taxes: Non-lizard folk travelling through the area may have a fee imposed upon them. The fee usually consists of anything that said travellers are carrying that the lizard folk might deem valuable.

Government Type: Autonomous clans led by matriarchs.

Industries: Hunting and gathering; mercenary warfare (scouting).

Important Figures: The Mother of Us All (Matriarch of All of Malpheggi [a mythical figure? Yupac.]).

Flora and Fauna: Cypress, mangrove, willow trees. Sedges, saw grass, pickerel weed, cattails, and bulrush. Giant beetles, giant centipedes, crocodiles, dinosaurs, green dragons, giant fish, leeches (normal and giant), piranhas, purple worms, rats, giant slugs, snakes, giant spiders, giant toads, and giant weasels.

Further Reading: Hollow World boxed set, previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: None to report.