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MALPHEGGI LIZARD MEN (Tribelands of the)

Location: Swamps of Malpheggi, north of the World Spine Mountains, west of the Neathar lands, southeast of the Azcan Empire, continent of Iciria. HW

Area: 48,497 sq. mi. (125,605 sq. km.).

Population: 10,000 in clans of about 100 each.

Languages: Malpheggi (Lizard Man).

Coinage: None (barter only).

Taxes: None really.

Government Type: Autonomous clans led by chiefs.

Industries: Hunting and gathering; mercenary warfare (scouting).

Important Figures: Kiuss (Clan Leader, male, lizard man, S9).

Flora and Fauna: Bog vegetation, giant beetles, giant centipedes, crocodiles, dinosaurs, green dragons, giant fish, leeches (normal and giant), piranhas, purple worms, rats, giant slugs, snakes, giant spiders, giant toads, and giant weasels.

Further Reading: Hollow World boxed set, previous almanacs.

Description by Theukidikies the Historian of Corisa.

The Malpheggi are a reptilian folk, dwelling in the bogs and wetlands east of the Azcan lands.

The Land

This is a vast boggy wetland southeast of the Azcan lands, fed by many rivers. These swamps are cut through with brooks and streams, and spotted throughout with ponds and stagnant pools. Many lizards, from dinosaurs to the most common sentient inhabitants, make this land their home, as do swarms of vicious insects. Vine-laden, moss-coated trees grow here, and the swamps themselves are grown over with tall grasses and fronds. These grow even in the streams, which are sluggish enough to make this possible. The underbrush grows so thick that one must constantly hack a path through it to make progress, and the rivulets are not consistently deep or continuous enough to make for a good means of travel through the swamp, one must frequently portage one's raft or canoe. The very air here is heavy with water and oppressively warm.

The People

Within the swamps live lizard men, as only they seem to find them hospitable. They are an aquatic race, and dwell in huts of wattle and mud. They are tall, with scaly skin and sharp teeth like a crocodile's, and webbed feet and clawed hands. Most are a deep green in colour, though some pale albinos are to be found among them. They wear no clothing, having no sense of shame or decorum, but attach their belongings to them with baldrics and belts.

The lizard men are suspicious of outsiders, and even each other, living in small tribes or clans with no authority over them all. They hold the swamp against all intruders, stalking them stealthily. Sometimes they do hire themselves out as mercenary scouts to the Azcans and Schattenalfen, however, so they are occasionally willing to listen to an offer or bribe. These are a crafty people, but a misguided and backward one, for among them the women rule over the men, who obey. They do, however, have a hatred for all things Nithian, so they cannot be all bad.