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Wilderness Mapping Expedition For Lord Alexius Korrigan

by Jimmy Rowe

One of the adventure ideas in Gaz 1 (Grand Duchy Of Karameikos) is a wilderness mapping expedition for basic level characters, sponsored by Lord Korrigan.

I was thinking the commission could be to map an area that could be covered in a day or two's travel from a central point. I've decided that the mission will be to map a region to the west of Verge.

A Guide to the Region West Of Verge (Northern Karameikos)


General Overview
Verge is a small village located on the road between Rifllian & Threshold. Originally a sleepy farming community, Verge has more than doubled in size since the arrival of Duke Stefan. Sir Retameron Antonic & his wife, Halia, rule the village and surrounding countryside from their walled stone mansion on the edge of the village. Sir Retameron is of mixed parentage and is a great proponent of an integrated Karameikos without distinction of Traladaran or Thyatian. Verge, in fact, is a remarkably diverse community for its size, home to around 200 permanent residents, consisting of just over a dozen large families and individuals. They fish in and farm the lands around the Foamfire River, and they are responsible for handling the lumber coming in from the western valley. The only other stone building of note in the village is the small Church of Karameikos headed by Bishop Calvin Andropolos, although there is a small unattended stone chapel that caters for the needs of the majority of the community who are followers of the Church Of Traladara.

Verge's lone inn, The Boar's Head, is a comfortable hostel run by a Thyatian named Sebastian Tullus. It is a full service establishment, offering hearty meals and strong drink but does not offer anything extravagant. The rooms are somewhat utilitarian yet well maintained. Private rooms are 1r and the common room is 1c. The inn tends to be full during the winter months as the road between Verge & Threshold is often impassable due to snow.

Special Interest
In the last ten years, Verge has become an important regional community, boasting most of the services that one might find in a much larger town. The village also has a friendly & tolerant atmosphere that is somewhat unique for a smaller community in Karameikos. Travelling adventurers can often endear themselves to the local population, especially Sir Retameron & Halia, by sharing exploits of their travels. Be warned, however, the locals have heard many a tale and are adept at distinguishing fact from fiction. There is also a small distillery in the village that produces the spirit drink known as 'Shire Fire', a potent alcohol content and fiery aftertaste making it a big hit with the locals. The proprietors of this business are the Broadbelts, a Hin family.


This close-knit community, population 140, is almost exclusively Traladaran, and tends to be distrustful of outsiders.
This close-knit community, population 120, is exclusively Traladaran and very distrustful of outsiders since a spate of brutal killings in the village over the last few years, almost certainly the work of lycanthropes. The only inn is the 'One Eyed Cat', run by the humourless Traladaran brute Gheorge Popov.


Braltov is a small mining community of around 100, the vast majority of its inhabitants being male. Any attractive females entering the village will undoubtedly become the focus of at least one persistent admirer. The only inn is 'The Miners Arms' whose accommodation consists of one very large common room which is in regular use. The inn also serves as the general store, the innkeeper/proprietor Bobby Yankov supplying mining equipment for the community.


To be decided.


There are many homesteads in the region, the major ones number fifteen (with a population of 20+) and they are signified by the letters A to O on the map.

Places of Interest

1) The Caverns of Quasqueton. (Module B1)
2) The Hill of Runes.
3) Abode of Grutnak, outcast Goblin Warlock.
4) The lair of the "Bloody Fang" tribe of Goblins.
5) Ruins of an ancient Traladaran village, now home to a hermit/Werebear.
6) Hidden cavern under a waterfall, a lost Traladaran treasure trove awaits!
7) Standing Stones, a druidic holy site.
8) Source of mysterious 'blood river' that occurs every Mid Summer.
9) Lost Temple Of Leptar.
10) Ancient Hutaakan Copper Mine.
11) Goblin scouting party encampment.
12) Ancient Burial Mound.

Location 10 - Ancient Hutaakan Copper Mine.

Rumours and Legends - T = True, P = Part True, F = False.

1) F - There have been several sightings of a huge green dragon in the forests to the West over the past few months.
2) T - There is a river to the West and for some reason it's water mysteriously runs blood red every Midsummer's Day.
3) T - There are some circular standing stones near a river within the forest. This is a Druidic Holy Site.
4) F - Some of the Thyatian homesteaders to the north are in fact werewolves!
5) P - Some circular standing stones in the forest are the site for human sacrifices by an evil cult.
6) P- Several homesteads to the south have been harassed by orcs in recent months.
7) F - Be warned, the Druids of the forest kill any intruders into their sacred areas.
8) T - There is an ancient copper mine a few miles to the West of Verge.
9) P -Huge runic marking are carved into a large hill on the edge of the Cruth Mountain range. The area radiates strange magic that turns any trespassers to stone!
10) F - Vampires inhabit a ruined tower hidden in the forest.
11) T - A sinister organisation called The Iron Ring is operating in the region.
12) T - A large mound south of Jadova is in fact an ancient burial site.
13) T - Goblins have been sighted several times in recent months by the villagers of Durgash
14) T - A hermit lives amongst the ruins of an ancient village within the forest.
15) F - Some people say that Sir Retameron Antonic is in fact a werewolf; of course I don't believe such nonsense!
16) T - A band of adventurers, one of whom was the son of Lord Dracov, stayed in Verge on several occasions in recent months.
17) T - The lair of the 'Bloody Fang' goblins can be found near a ruined tower somewhere within the forested hills to the West.
18) F - An evil witch roams the area looking for elves to kill.
19) P - A pack of werewolf lives in the ruins of an ancient village within the forest.
20) P - There is an ancient Traladaran treasure trove hidden within the depths of a lake that can be found within the forested hills to the West.