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Map of Argonath

by Geoff Gander

The easiest thing for me to do here is post the link to the story/article I wrote about Argonath! But Argonath was founded after the Alphatian landfall by dissident Alphatians who went north and mixed with the surviving Yanifey. I have a draft map of the kingdom at its height in the works, so I'll post it soon.

Here is a very rough, very ugly draft map of Argonath.

I took Thorf's Alphatia map and erased as many internal borders as I could cleanly. This should give you an idea of the lands it occupied in the beginning. I also erased the towns that would not have existed then, and added some that have since been destroyed. I also plotted out some of Ilmaryll's borders (never been done before). This can always be refined, of course, but I thought it would be useful to share. Enjoy!