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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Necromancy

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 7th (Temporal), N, Energy
Symbol: a hangman’s noose
Portfolio: necromancy, death, magical research, unpredictability
Worshipped in: Alphatia
Appearance: a pallid and emaciated individual, with a morose smile always stamped on his cadaverous face, a noose that hangs from his neck and dressed in simple clothes of dark linen that change to reflect his mood (from simple black trousers, tunic and cloak to a silk toga of loud colours, through a series of ragged beggar’s clothes, finally to a true and proper greyish shroud)
History: Marwdyn was a Bellissarian wizard during his mortal life, but unlike the unmerciful and power thirsty mages of his time, he was always an individual good-natured with all, also with his enemies, granting his rivals the possibility of submitting or fleeing, even if then, when these refused, he was forced to act in drastic ways. During his first years of apprenticeship in the arcane arts he was assaulted by the crowd and hung for his necromantic practices. His mentor, taken by remorse, did his best and was able to quickly revive him and the two left Bellissaria moving to the Alphatian continent, even if from that moment Marwdyn was not himself (and this resulted in his neck always being oddly tilted). Fascinated by necromancy, he very soon became a luminary and for not causing trouble with the common people, choose to settle in an isolated and wild area in central Alphatia (the future kingdom of Blackheart), where he carefully placed clear warning signs around the perimeter of his estate. When he later discovered the path for becoming Immortal, he officially notified all the spellcasters within 200 km of his abode his intension of being recognised by all as the most powerful of the area, and those that refused him were driven away or honestly faced. All his apprentices never lacked appreciating his character and competence, and even to his departure from mortal life, when he finally became an Immortal (around the II century BC), Marwdyn was assured of passing on to his followers a generous bequest for helping in the future and was just thanks to his efforts and to his heritage that was founded the Kingdom of Blackheart, of which he is the patron.
Personality: Marwdyn is unmistakably an eccentric individual, who loves to speak of himself in third person and devising solutions always original and alternative for resolving any question. Loves using magic, especially that unknown and dangerous, for producing flashy and dramatic effects, and possesses a positively macabre humour (at times even nasty) that is also clear in his followers. He remains anyhow a benign and bizarre Immortal, strongly interested to the research of new magic effects (especially necromantic) but little inclined to meddle in the affairs of mortals (which has certainly not helped him to progress in the ranks of the Immortal hierarchy), and is a good ally of Nyx, for who he has a special attraction to.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Razud]
Allies: Nyx
Enemies: none
Alignment of followers: any
Favourite weapon: none (allowed all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: after being raised from death gain a +1 bonus to Wisdom (only the first time), +2 bonus to either necromancy or funeral lore at the cleric’s choice (not free)
Domains: Energy, Death, Magic
Preferred weapon: dagger
Source: IM3, WotI