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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Magic and Magical Research

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 13th (Celestial), N, Energy
Symbol: a cubic labyrinth
Portfolio: magic and magical research, magical constructs
Worshipped in: his 24 outer planes
Appearance: a humanoid of about 1.60m with four arms, that allows him to manipulate more objects at the same time. His build is slender, a square face and with greased and un-groomed, long black hair. His head is disproportionably large due to the dimensions of his brain; his spine and neck are curved because of the weight of his head.
History: in his mortal life, Mazikeen served as court mage to various tyrants and rulers of a by now vanished world, everyone of which died “passing him on” to their successor. Mazikeen was very happy of serving whoever, until the fee for continuing his research was called excessive. He would never have reached Immortality without the guidance of his patron, Pharamond. Succeeding instead in his task creating in the I century BC the Cubic Labyrinth of the Six Planes, an innovative artefact whose only creation formed his Test, Task and part of the Testimony (seeing that in the part of the universe we’re talking about he was the unquestioned lord of magic). Later Mazikeen concentrated his attention on the outer planes that he controlled, starting to create new races and cultures as experiments for verifying the relations between the development of magic and social and technological progress. Convinced by the accusation of Pharamond regarding the prejudice of the celestial hierarchy against the Immortal candidates not belonging to the Prime Material, dedicating himself body and soul to the cause of Pharamond, conducting experiments in the outer planes for finding new candidates for Immortality. Only when he worked out that Pharamond had manipulated him and had violated many Immortal laws Mazikeen found the strength to abandon his patron, thus ending up victim of the revenge of Pharamond, even if he was then able to save himself thanks to the intervention of other Immortals some years ago. Despite being a brilliant and original individual, who never looks for the simplest and straightforward solution, Mazikeen is terribly introverted and socially inept, lacking the ambition and aggressiveness of which the majority of the Immortals have required to be successful. Because of his timidity and sense of fragility, he is extremely naïve and can be easily betrayed when trying to get the approval of someone else; for this Mazikeen has remained largely under the dominant influence of Pharamond (towards who he anyhow today not show any sense of revenge). The real fixation of Mazikeen nevertheless is magic and invention: without any for power, wealth, or the defence of justice, he only wishes to play with the laws of the universe and carrying forward his crazy experiments. On one side he sincerely believes that the universe is completely predictable in its nature, and on the other his only objective in life is subverting the same laws of the universe.
Patron: Pharamond
Allies: none
Enemies: none
Alignment of followers: followers and clerics can have any alignment
Favourite weapon: none (permitted all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: +1 bonus to Intelligence, +5% bonus to any magical research
Domains: Energy, Magic, Knowledge
Preferred weapon: Light hammer
Source: IM3