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McGregor Mausoleum

by Harri Mäki

Near the castle of the McGregors there is small, unimposing structure called McGregor Mausoleum, which is allegedly the last resting place of all the McGregors for the last 250 years. Mausoleum was originally built as a resting place for Brannart "the Red" McGregor and apparently has been enlarged quite many times later if the rumours are true that there are now over 120 McGregors buried there, which would make it the largest family burial place in the Known World. The fact that McGregors have always insisted that female members of the family that have married outside should be buried here gaves some credibility for the claim. If the rumours are true then the mausoleum is probably huge series of underground catacombs. But nobody knows for sure because the only ones allowed inside are the members of the family and they are not talking. The head of the family is the only one having keys to the Mausoleum. During the years there have been rumours that somebody had broken inside the Mausoleum but since the gruesome deaths of Fenswickian master thief Howardus Carteris and his lupin partner "Lord" Carnivorius in 921 none have made the claim publicly. Amongst the Fenswickians there is a saying "Hell freezes over before McGregors rest in peace".